Why we are the best in the market

One Single Solution

covering all your business management needs, including integrated professional e-commercial website builder

Deployment in minutes

register for a free account, purchase your preferred plan, one click to deploy your Odoo ERPOnline instance

Highly scalable

Pay as you go, fits a company with a few employee with one app and scales later with more apps and thousand employees when the company grows.

Custom apps/modules

Your own custom apps and modules are allowed. That's another reason why people prefer to host their Odoo with us.

Use your own domain name

Some vendors don't allow you, some others ask you to contact. We give you ability to add your private domain, install domain SSL certifcate on your fingers. That's just simple!

Easy Backup & Restore

Backup and Restore could never be easier. One click to backup; One click to download backup; One click to restore from a backup!

Global Datacenters

Datacenters available in all regions to meet your users' needs. Currently available at New York (US), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Singapore, Vietnam.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use. You can start with a few user accounts and increase later on your demand. Hourly Billing to save your time in case you just use an instance for hours

Fully Opensource

to give you total freedom helping you move further and faster; No vendor-lock!