Enterprise Social Network

  • Discuss

    Internal Company Email


    Odoo's app "Discuss" allows you to create internal groups/mailing lists on various topics for any department of your company. It's a simple and easy way to send any kind of company internal mail.

    Odoo offers you a great software for managing mailing lists and a simple way to keep all employees in the loop and informed about what's happening.

    discuss group


    Specific Groups For Specific Projects


    discuss mailing

    Do you have a new project and there are several people from different departments and offices involved? Is there a specific topic that needs to be discussed by certain people? Those are just few examples of the needs for specialized communication channels within your company. Odoo offers you a solution.

    With this app, you can structure such communication by creating an internal group, especially for this project. You can easily add and remove members in the Odoo system - as everything else in Odoo, the management of this app is simple and easy.


    Create A Public Mailing List


    This flexible Odoo feature also allows you to create public groups, which can serve as mailing lists for your newsletters or for a community mailings.

    It's a great way how to announce a big change in the company, release of a new product or other important news to your wide audience and followers.

    You can create newsletter mailing list by adding a form on the website, where your visitors can subscribe by simply adding their email address which will be automatically added to your database.

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  • Enterprise Social Network

    Enterprise Social Network

    Private social network for your company


    esn inbox

    Connect with experts, follow what interests you, share documents and promote best practices. Get work done with effective collaboration across departments, geographies, documents and business applications. All of this while decreasing email overload.

    Odoo's software offers all these amazing benefits in one simple app


    Connect with Experts

    Get the right information in the right time


    Next time you have a question for the marketing, sales, R&D or any other department, don't send an email. Simply post the question to the specific internal group and get all answers from the right person.

    Simple and easy.

    esn connect expert


    Follow What Interests You

    Make the information flow across your company


    esn follow

    You don't need any extra tools to stay informated about anything happening on your sites. Do you want to get informed about new product features, hot deals, online project team collaboration, bottlenecks in projects or any other event?

    Just follow what interests you in order to get the information you need; no more, no less.


    Get Things Done

    Your inbox is a todo list


    Odoo's open source app offers you great tools for business. You can process (not only read) the inbox and easily mark messages for future actions.

    Start feeling the pleasure of having an empty inbox every day; no more overload of information.

    esn gtd


    Promote best practices

    Discussion groups at your fingertips


    esn promote

    Cut back on meetings and email chains by working together in groups of interests. Create a group to let people share files, discuss ideas, review projects and vote to promote successful practices.

    This is really the best app on the market!


    Improve Access to Information and Expertise

    Easily find the information you need


    Break down information silos. Search across your existing systems to find the answers and expertise you need in order to complete projects quickly.

    Do you need to see the latest statistics? Do you want to compare the data from various projects? Find all the information properly stored on your site.

    website access right


    Secure Collaboration


    esn collaboration

    Set the right security policy for each group and mailing list; public, private or by invitation only - according to the information sensitivity.

    You can create groups for the whole company, separately for each department or for specific projects.


    Twitter-like Network For Your Company


    Make every employee feel more connected and engaged with twitter-like features for your own company. Follow people, share best practices, 'like' top ideas, etc.

    hr employees
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