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    Solution Overviews

    The solution provides a suite of fully integrated applications built on top of Odoo to help Bus/Passenger Transportation Services Companies manage and grow their business with less efforts. In addition to including outstanding Odoo's core applications (e.g. Financial & Accounting Management, Inventory Management, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Point of Sales, Website Builder & e-Commerce, etc), Bus Transportation Services Businesses are now offered with their vertical industry features such as fuel management, route management, passenger management, costs & revenues analysis against each vehicle, vehicle maintenance, vehicle insurance, vehicle accident management, etc.

    Major features

    Fleet Management

    Extending Odoo's Fleet Management application to enable you to keep a close eye on your fleet in a few simple clicks and provide with a base to integrate all the fleet related operation with other Odoo module.

    Fuel Supply & Fuel Logs

    Enable you to manage and track all kinds of fuel that having been supplied to your vehicles. It is also fully integrated with Accounting and Inventory Management to help you get insight of fuel consumption (quantity and cost) of each and every vehicle in your fleet.

    Odometer Logs

    Record odometer for each and every vehicle at anytime or upon fueling. A list view and several graph views are provided to help you keep track of your vehicle odometers in quick and easy way.

    Vehicle Handling

    Handling your vehicle to a driver and driving assistant and record it. Keep track of who handle a vehicle at a given time.

    Vehicle Accident Logs

    Record accidents occured to your vehicle and link the accident to your maintenance/repair orders and insurance claims. This will make easy to you when you want to track and process accidents occured to your fleet.

    Voyage Logs

    This is one of the most wanted features that help you knowing what routes/vehicles bring you more revenue, what else bring less. It also help you get insight of costs on you passages for each vehicle and service/operation route. With these information, fleet owner can make better and smarter decisions what route and what kind of bus he should invest more/less.

    Fleet Maintenance Planning

    Planning maintenance for each and every parts of you vehicle is not easy, especially when you have a fleet of ten vehicles or more. This feature will help you plan your maintenace and remind you by email of a maintenance item comming close. You are also provided with a calendar view to get a full picture of the future maintenance for the whole fleet.

    Maintenance Orders Management

    Manage all your maintenance order and maintenance services provided by your own or others. It is fully integrated with financial and accounting management and warehouse management to provide automatic accounting entries recording and posting. It is also fully integrated with your inventory management to provide realtime inventory tracking.

    Fleet Maintenance History

    Keep track of all the maintenaince activities and maintenance cost for each and every vehicle. Use this as a decision support tool for optimizing your future maintenace plan.

    Fleet Insurance Management

    Manage all your vehicle insurance contracts, create insurance claim and send to the insurance companies in a few clicks. Track all the insurance cost and compensation.

    Service Routes Design & Management

    Build and Manage your service/operation routes. Each route is defined by several route section, each section is defined by to waypoint, each way point is made by extending the Odoo's partner object to give flexibility and ease for future extension and development.

    Fully Integrated with Others

    Inherited and integrated with Inventory Management (for spare/replacement parts, fuel, lub. oil. etc), Finanical & Accounting for automatic accounting entry & posting (cost, purchases & sales), Customer Relationship Management for recording passenger, boost you sales in future.

    Deployment Options Comparision

     On-Premise DeploymentERPOnline Deployment (cloud-based)
    Pricing US$8000 (one-time payment) US$300/mo + ERPOnline Cost (monthly payment)
    Email Support
    Skype Support
    Support Validity 12 months Lifetime, until you leave ERPOnline
    Access to Updates 12 months Lifetime, until you leave ERPOnline
    Support Languages English & Vietnamese English & Vietnamese

    Minor Customization

    e.g. custom fields, custom pdf print

    Extra charge Free of charge

    Major Customization

    e.g. extra features, functionality customization, etc.

    Extra charge Extra charge
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