Analytic Accounting

  • Analytic Accounting

    Module for defining analytic accounting object.

    In Odoo ERPOnline, analytic accounts are linked to general accounts but are treated totally independently. So, you can enter various different analytic operations that have no counterpart in the general financial accounts.

    Other features can be activated on demand by installing other extensions such as Purchase Analytic Plans to integrate Purchase Management, Sales Analytic Plans to integrate Sales Management

  • Analytic Accounts

    Sitting at the heart of your company's processes, analytic accounts (or cost accounts) are indispensable tools for managing your operations well. Unlike your financial accounts, they are for more than accountants - they are for general managers and project managers, too.

    You need a common way of referring to each user, service, or document to integrate all your company's processes effectively. Such a common basis is provided by analytic accounts (or management accounts, or cost accounts, as they are also called) in Odoo ERPOnline

  • Analytic Entries

    Integrated with General Accounting

    Just as in general accounting, analytic entries should be related to an account and an analytic journal. Analytic records can be distinguished from general records by the following characteristics:

    • They are not necessarily legal accounting documents.
    • They do not necessarily belong to an existing accounting period.
    • They are managed according to their date and not an accounting period.
    • They do not generate both a debit and a credit entry, but a positive amount (income) or a negative amount (cost).
  • Purchase Analysis through Analytic Accounts

    Powerful Statistics

    Odoo ERPOnline enables you to perform analysis of purchases by period (year, month), by state (quotations, orders), supplier, product, category, warehouse and so on. This is made possible through a search view accessed through the menu Reporting > Purchase > Purchase Analysis.

  • Purchase Analytic Plans

    The base module to manage analytic distribution and purchase orders.

    Allows the user to maintain several analysis plans. These let you split a line on a supplier purchase order into several accounts and analytic plans.

  • Sales Analytic Distribution

    The base module to manage analytic distribution and sales orders.

    Using this module you will be able to link analytic accounts to sales orders.

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