Why ERPOnline

Ready to manage your business

ERPOnline integrates more than 4000 apps (including, but not limited to, Accounting & Financial, Sales, Customer Relationships Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Human Resource Management, Purchase, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, etc) to manage and grow your business.

Website Builder integrated

Create beautiful websites with no technical knowledge. 'edit inline' approach makes creating a website surprisingly easy. No more complex backend, no more the old WYSIWYG.
Change the price of a product. Put a title in bold. Come up with a blog subtitle. Do all of these on the go by just clicking and changing. It's that simple

E-Commerce Ready

Odoo's e-Commerce software is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Get an awesome catalog of products and great product description pages.
It's full-featured, integrated with your management software, fully customizable and super easy.

Local & International.

More than 40 languages and country specific accounting systems supported and counting.
Made excellent for international organizations with multi-nationality employees by allowing each user and every user of the system can have his/her own language setting.

Automatic Update & Unlimited Bugs Fixing

At ERPOnline, we maintain monthly update for new features and bugs fixing. For bugs that may affect many users or ones that are security concerns will be fixed within 24 hours since they are known/reported. You just focus on your business, let our professional team take care of the rest.

Staying Safe & More Secure

We understand that your data is of vital importance. At ERPOnline, we maintain several methods at multiple levels (e.g. real-time database replication and files replication across cloud servers, etc) to avoid data lost due to hardware failure or any risk that may damage your data. In addition to traditional security policies applied to servers and networks, we also encrypt your data to avoid from any theft wherever internal or external.

Your office is anywhere

With 99.998% system uptime last year, ERPOnline ensures you can access the software from anywhere on any internet-connectable device at any time. By integrating the world most effective and innovative enterprise social network system, you have better way to communicate with all your colleagues and partners anytime and anywhere.

Respecting the way you do business

ERPOnline respects every difference of businesses and the way they are managed by giving you - the business owner - total control on how the software should be. You can install and setup software functionality the way you prefer. You can customize the software (by modifying views, forms, process workflows, etc) the way that brings the best for you. Other offer what they have to force you to follow, we give you what you want!

SSD for faster data access

All our cloud servers are powered by storage network devices with the latest Solid State Drives to ensure that accessing data is as fast as possible. You'll do more interesting things and complete your works with less time spent.

Pay for what you use

With per-30-minute billing, you only pay for what you use. Other cloud providers make you pay for a full day or full month even though you may not run your instance the whole time. The savings can add up.

NO Individual Software Installation

ERPOnline solution has been developing with benefits of web technology allowing you and your colleagues to utilize an internet browser to access the software solution anywhere at any time without installing any additional software. Hence, cross platform compatibility, no work interruption in case of your computer failure, no update/maintenance cost.

NO Further Hardware Investment

If not go cloud, you have to buy and build your own infrastructure. This costs you not only for hardware buying but also for building and maintaining the infrastructure to keep it up and running as expected. Beside, building and maintaining an own infrastructure has been a nightmare for many IT departments.