Globalization means that workplaces are ever more geographically dispersed. This means that documents are also used more than ever by people in several countries and continents for communicating and collaborating.

You will see communication problems even between employees in the same office because they do not have easy access to the documents that they need. You find some documents kept by someone in the accounts office, shared directories that serve everybody, some documents in paper form, others in electronic form – quite a free-for-all.

Faced with the need to organize documents, companies have looked at a number of document management solutions that are promoted today, from simple email archiving to complete electronic management systems dedicated to arbitrary documents.

Unfortunately, these solutions have not always been very useful because they are too little integrated in company's management systems. Most solutions that we have come across, are underused by the employees – often used by some of them but not by all.

Odoo ERPOnline's management of documents is unique and totally innovative in its integrated approach. Its complete integration with the company's management system solves most of the problems that are encountered when you use independent document management systems:

The first configuration step is to create a directory structure that will be used to classify your document set. You can use the structure automatically proposed by Odoo ERPOnline from the menu Knowledge > Configuration > Document Management > Directories' Structure.

Each directory can either have the type Static or Folders per resource. A static directory, as with operating systems, is the classic directory that can contain a set of files. On the other hand, the directories linked to systems resources automatically possess sub-directories for each of the resource types defined in the parent directory.

As you see, you can connect any directory in the document management system to an Odoo ERPOnline resource. The system then manages its creation and keeps the directory synchronized with the reports generated by Odoo ERPOnline from its own data. You do not have to create or rename these directories because Odoo ERPOnline does all this automatically as it resynchronizes with its own database.

The most well-organized companies keep track of all the documents they have sent to customers in their document management system. It is very useful to be able to retrieve every document about a customer or a project. But the work of storing these documents can itself often take up quite a bit of time for staff. Each report must be saved in the document management system as well as be sent by email to the customer.

That is not the case in Odoo ERPOnline. To automatically make Odoo ERPOnline reports available in the FTP server, Odoo ERPOnline automatically uses virtual files. You can put virtual files into directories that have the special type of linked resource and link the virtual files to Odoo ERPOnline's reports.

You now have a configuration that enables you to automatically get a directory structure linked to Odoo ERPOnline for each resource, such as for projects and orders. The ideal situation would now be to automatically structure the documents about projects, say for example, you could classify them depending on their type:

All documents produced by Odoo ERPOnline are automatically indexed and classified for maximum efficiency. There is an ultra-rapid access to documents, which are directly available from your email client or the company management software. The user access rights are managed just the same way as those that are available in the company management system. All these features help you to get the best out of Odoo ERPOnline's document management system.

ERPOnline is a cloud-based solution that hosts the most popular Enterprise Resources Planning solution - Odoo. With ERPOnline, Odoo deployment has never been easier. Consumers are offered with a great possibility to deploy Odoo in one click and run it fast, securely with neither hardware investment nor software installation on individual computers nor any IT effort.

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