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Hello, i have developed website in odoo 10 and, I have installed recruitment module in my website, I can create new jobs from front end but when i am trying to access Recruitment/Employee menu in back end not performing any action. And can not f...
Hi, How to enable department field in customer contact in Odoo 8? Thank you! Best regards, Gordon...
Echelon ERP Sysadmin Khách hàng
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Hi, I just created a paid Odoo 8 instance. Did the email integration and company data configuration that I wanted, and now what to create a backup of this clean instance. There is a Manage Database link at the bottom of web login box to the ins...
Echelon ERP Sysadmin Khách hàng
New ERPOnliner
I am working on a custom module for Odoo 9 that interacts HR contract (model hr.contract). My situation is that I want raise onchange event on employee_id field but the onchange method was originally written in old API with the combination of a Pyth...
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Hi, I configured an Odoo 8 instance, using my company actual domain, and actual email user logins/passwords... Config A... 1. Entered an as company email via "Configure your company data" in General Settings...
Dear All, After I'm installing Odoo 8 from bitnami in windows 7 64 bit, I'll try to backup database for backup, so when I'm trying in development, If I need to database rollback like first installing, I can restore from the backup, In Odoo 9 befor...
Hi All, My name is Fadli, my company assigning me to set up integrated distribution system covering sales, inventory/warehouse, manufacturing (Master Production Schedule, Material requirement Planning), I think the rightness and perfectness it mus...
Hello, I am new to Odoo Version 9.0. I am unable to find "Reset Password" link on login page. Please suggest how can I get this feature. Sorry for reposting the issue if already exists....
Hi, From Contract, I can create new sales orders and have the orders linked to the contract. But how can I link existing sales orders to the contract?...
Hello, My product price has 10 decimal digits but I want it get printed with 2 digits only (when printing invoices, quotations). Could you please help?...
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