• Accounting Consistency Tests

    Asserts on accounting.

    With this module you can manually check consistencies and inconsistencies of accounting module from menu Reporting/Accounting/Accounting Tests.

    You can write a query in order to create Consistency Test and you will get the result of the test in PDF format which can be accessed by Menu Reporting -> Accounting Tests, then select the test and print the report from Print button in header area.

  • Business Intelligence

    Statistics About Your Data


    bi statistic

    Odoo gives you an easy way to see the statistics about any of your important data.

    You can create detailed reports and graphs in any format you need - all that in few simple clicks. 

    No need for specialized program to create graphs and charts

    bi statistic


    Heat Map


    This amazing open source system offers you a feature that shows you the heat map, so you can easily understand the progress of all your projects and other activities. You can highlight the data - how many hours were spent on which project/task/etc. It's useful for tracking the progress and evaluation of each activity.


    Filter Option


    You can filter each analysis, with the sample filters or based on your own preference.

    Easy way to get the exact information you need. You don't have to install any programs to create graphs and charts - everything can be done with Odoo's data analysis software.

    Odoo's report creation software allows you to create specififed reports and analysis on the go - you can create all documents you need with few simple clicks; either from a template or with your own criteria.

    bi filter


    Track The Process


    bi track

    Track the process of each activity (project, report, invoice,..) and get statistical information on all topics.
    You can see everything in a tabular chart, with clean breakdown structure. 

    Business Intelligence app offers you the best tools for keeping track and clean overview of all your important data.

    In comparison with other examples of such app on the market, Odoo offers you great, user-friendly, simple, fast and fully integrated software.

  • Financial Analysis

    Whether you want to analyze the general health of your company or review the status of an Account Receivable in detail, your company's accounts are the place to define your various business indicators.

    To show you the most accurate picture of your business, Odoo ERPOnline's accounting reports are flexible, and the results are calculated in real time. This enables you to automate recurring actions and to change your operations quickly when a company-wide problem (such as cash reserves dropping too low or receivables climbing too high) or a local problem (a customer that has not paid, or a project budget overspend) occurs.

ERPOnline is a cloud-based solution that hosts the most popular Enterprise Resources Planning solution - Odoo. With ERPOnline, Odoo deployment has never been easier. Consumers are offered with a great possibility to deploy Odoo in one click and run it fast, securely with neither hardware investment nor software installation on individual computers nor any IT effort.

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