• Email Gateway

    Retrieve incoming email on POP/IMAP servers.

    Enter the parameters of your POP/IMAP account(s), and any incoming emails on these accounts will be automatically downloaded into your Odoo ERPOnline system. All POP3/IMAP-compatible servers are supported, included those that require an encrypted SSL/TLS connection.

    This can be used to easily create email-based workflows for many email-enabled OpenERP documents, such as:

    • CRM Leads/Opportunities
    • CRM Claims
    • Project Issues
    • Project Tasks
    • Human Resource Recruitments (Applicants)

    Just install the relevant application, and you can assign any of these document types (Leads, Project Issues) to your incoming email accounts. New emails will automatically spawn new documents of the chosen type, so it's a snap to create a mailbox-to-Odoo ERPOnline integration. Even better: these documents directly act as mini conversations synchronized by email. You can reply from within Odoo ERPOnline, and the answers will automatically be collected when they come back, and attached to the same conversation document.

    For more specific needs, you may also assign custom-defined actions (technically: Server Actions) to be triggered for each incoming mail.

  • Mailing

    Mass Mailing Made Easy

    Design, send & track your emails


    mailing mass mailing

    Odoo's mailing software allows you to easily send mass mailings to your leads, opportunities and customers. Track the performance of mailing campaigns to improve conversion rates. Design professional emails and reuse templates in just a few clicks.
    Odoo offers you solutions that work.


    Send Professional Emails


    Import a database of prospects or filter on existing leads, opportunities and lists of customers in no time at all.

    Define email templates and reuse the content or specific design for your newsletter. Setup several email servers with their own IP/domains to optimise opening rates.

    mailing send email


    Organize Mailing Campaigns

    Prepare your campaigns in a professional way


    mailing mass mailing

    Get real time statistics on the performance of campaigns to improve your conversion rate. Track emails sent, received, opened and answered.

    Easily manage your mailing campaigns, discussion groups, leads and opportunities with our simple, user friendly and powerful platform.

    Manage the whole marketing campaign in one place. 


    Integrated with Odoo Apps



    Improve the way your users communicate with access to mass mailing features from every Odoo app.

    Send templates of emails from CRM opportunities; select leads based on marketing segments; send job offers and automate answers to applicants; reuse email template in lead automation marketing campaigns.

    Answers to your emails appear automatically in the history of every document with the social network module.

    mailing project task


    Clean Your Lead Database

    Handle bounce and conversion rates


    mailing mass mailing 1

    Get a clean lead database that improves over time using the performance of your mailings. Odoo handles bounced emails efficiently, flags erroneous leads accordingly and gives you statistics on the quality of your leads.


    Sending Emails in One Click

    Share information with everyone


    The marketing department will love working on campaigns. You can also give a one-click mass mailing feature to other users on their own prospects or documents.

    Select a few documents (e.g. leads, support tickets, suppliers, applicants, list of customers, etc) and send emails to contacts in one click, reusing existing email templates and examples.

    mailing send email


    Follow-up On Answers

    Communicate efficiently with prospects


    mailing follow up

    The chatter feature allows you to communicate with your customers more quickly and efficiently. Documents are created automatically (leads, opportunities, tasks, etc) based on answers to your mass mailing campaigns. Follow the discussion directly on the business documents within Odoo or via email.

    All the negotiations and discussions are attached to the right document and relevent managers notified on specific events.

    None of your ideas will be lost.


    Campaigns Dashboards

    Analyse the performance of your campaigns


    Get the insight you need for making smarter mailing campaigns. Track statistics per campaign: bounce rates, sent mails, best content, etc. Clear and structured dashboards give you a direct overview of your campaign performance.

    mailing dashboard
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