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    Internal Company Email


    Odoo's app "Discuss" allows you to create internal groups/mailing lists on various topics for any department of your company. It's a simple and easy way to send any kind of company internal mail.

    Odoo offers you a great software for managing mailing lists and a simple way to keep all employees in the loop and informed about what's happening.

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    Specific Groups For Specific Projects


    discuss mailing

    Do you have a new project and there are several people from different departments and offices involved? Is there a specific topic that needs to be discussed by certain people? Those are just few examples of the needs for specialized communication channels within your company. Odoo offers you a solution.

    With this app, you can structure such communication by creating an internal group, especially for this project. You can easily add and remove members in the Odoo system - as everything else in Odoo, the management of this app is simple and easy.


    Create A Public Mailing List


    This flexible Odoo feature also allows you to create public groups, which can serve as mailing lists for your newsletters or for a community mailings.

    It's a great way how to announce a big change in the company, release of a new product or other important news to your wide audience and followers.

    You can create newsletter mailing list by adding a form on the website, where your visitors can subscribe by simply adding their email address which will be automatically added to your database.

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  • Email Gateway

    Retrieve incoming email on POP/IMAP servers.

    Enter the parameters of your POP/IMAP account(s), and any incoming emails on these accounts will be automatically downloaded into your Odoo ERPOnline system. All POP3/IMAP-compatible servers are supported, included those that require an encrypted SSL/TLS connection.

    This can be used to easily create email-based workflows for many email-enabled OpenERP documents, such as:

    • CRM Leads/Opportunities
    • CRM Claims
    • Project Issues
    • Project Tasks
    • Human Resource Recruitments (Applicants)

    Just install the relevant application, and you can assign any of these document types (Leads, Project Issues) to your incoming email accounts. New emails will automatically spawn new documents of the chosen type, so it's a snap to create a mailbox-to-Odoo ERPOnline integration. Even better: these documents directly act as mini conversations synchronized by email. You can reply from within Odoo ERPOnline, and the answers will automatically be collected when they come back, and attached to the same conversation document.

    For more specific needs, you may also assign custom-defined actions (technically: Server Actions) to be triggered for each incoming mail.

  • Email Templates

    Email Templating (simplified version of the original Power Email by Openlabs).

    Lets you design complete email templates related to any Odoo ERPOnline document (Sale Orders, Invoices and so on), including sender, recipient, subject, body (HTML and Text). You may also automatically attach files to your templates, or print and attach a report.

    For advanced use, the templates may include dynamic attributes of the document they are related to. For example, you may use the name of a Partner's country when writing to them, also providing a safe default in case the attribute is not defined. Each template contains a built-in assistant to help with the inclusion of these dynamic values.

    If you enable the option, a composition assistant will also appear in the sidebar of the Odoo ERPOnline documents to which the template applies (e.g. Invoices). This serves as a quick way to send a new email based on the template, after reviewing and adapting the contents, if needed. This composition assistant will also turn into a mass mailing system when called for multiple documents at once.

    These email templates are also at the heart of the marketing campaign system (see the marketing_campaign application), if you need to automate larger campaigns on any Odoo ERPOnline document.

    Technical note: only the templating system of the original Power Email by Openlabs was kept.

  • Kế toán quản trị

    Module dùng cho việc xác định đối tượng của kế toán quản trị.

    Trong ERPOnline/Odoo, kế toán quản trị được liên kết với kế toán tài chính, nhưng hành xử hoàn toàn độc lập. Vì vậy, bạn có thể nhập các hoạt động quản trị khác nhau mà không cần đối ứng như kế toán tài chính.

  • Quản lý khiếu nại

    Quản lý khiếu nại của khách hàng

    Ứng dụng này cho phưps bạn theo dõi khiếu nại và yêu cầu của nhà cung cấp.

    Ứng dụng được tích hợp đầy đủ với các email gateway vì vậy bán có thể tạo tự động các khiếu nại dựa trên các email gửi đến. 

  • Tích hợp Email vào ERPOnline/Odoo

    Giái pháp ERPOnline / Odoo cung cấp một cách làm việc mới với hệ thống email một cách hiệu quả hơn so với cách làm việc với email kiểu truyền thống (điều mà gần như không thay đổi trong suốt 20 năm qua). Với việc tích hợp Email vào hệ thống ERPOnline/Odoo, toàn bộ các giao dịch email, các thông điệp email của toàn bộ nhân viên sẽ được quản lý & lưu trữ hiệu quả trong hệ thống ERP (xem thêm: Tương lai của hệ thống Email trong các doanh nghiệp). Trong nội dung bài này, chúng tôi sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn làm thế nào để cấu hình tích hợp Email với ERPOnline / Odoo của các bạn.

  • Từ Tiềm năng đến Phát sinh

    Liên kết module từ Tiềm năng tới các Phát sinh

ERPOnline is a cloud-based solution that hosts the most popular Enterprise Resources Planning solution - Odoo. With ERPOnline, Odoo deployment has never been easier. Consumers are offered with a great possibility to deploy Odoo in one click and run it fast, securely with neither hardware investment nor software installation on individual computers nor any IT effort.

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